Some participants may have been part of other organizations than represented below at the time of their participation.

    Abhipsha Datta

    Legal, Voltas

    The course on Accounting & Corporate Finance is very well structured and engaging. AFCL has an excellent teacher. Accounting is a technical subject that often takes time to grasp, however, through Sir's lectures, notes, and relatable examples, the subject was very simple and interesting to understand. Sir was very considerate of everyone's background and taught the subject and concepts in a lucid manner.

    Abhishek Sanyal

    Partner, ELP

    AFCL's course is critical for corporate lawyers, particularly those without any formal training in accounting. The curriculum is comprehensive and includes issues such as accounting treatment, IND-AS, and valuations. Raghu is an excellent teacher who remains unphased with all the questions thrown at him. He has a great sense of humour and guides you effortlessly through the curriculum.

    Aditi Khanna

    Senior Associate, J. Sagar Associates

    The initial sessions on assets and liability were most useful from the perspective of the competition law practice area.

    Aditya Bhargava

    Partner, Phoenix Legal

    The AFCL training program introduces lawyers to financial concepts in a lucid and clear manner and effectively relates these financial concepts to their application in day-to-day corporate and financial transactional work. This integration enables lawyers to provide a more considered and thought-through work product to the client, which is nearly always appreciated by the client. The basic grounding provided by the AFCL program is a must-have for lawyers in the financial space.

    Aditya Singha

    Independent Commercial and Transaction Lawyer

    A very well structured, well presented and well though-out course. I would go so far as to say this developed a new found desire in myself to learn more about the subject, and I can actually see the value this knowledge brings to my professional life. AFCL training is very highly recommended and a special mention for Raghu for explaining what earlier appeared as complex topics in a succinct and easy-to-understand manner.

    Aishwarya H

    Partner, Aarambh Legal

    The AFCL training program conducted by AFCL was extremely illuminating and beneficial for lawyers. Nuances and concepts in relation to finance and accounting were explained very clearly. The sessions which were very engaging, concise, and crisp was conducted considering the requirements for lawyers on a day-to-day basis. The sessions and the syllabus have definitely been well thought through and designed. The quizzes which were shared at the end of the sessions were helpful in testing the knowledge we received.

    Ajay Shaw

    Partner, DSK Legal

    The AFCL finance training program is very useful for lawyers dealing with corporate commercial matters. The program is tailor-made for lawyers to address the key elements of finance such as P&L, cashflow, balance sheet, valuation etc. The faculties of the program lay emphasis on the implementation and the practical usage of the financial principles in the day to day practice of a lawyer. The course overall is designed as a bridge course for lawyers in the corporate commercial practice. Law is not applied in abstract but on a set of facts, it is therefore important that people have a basic understanding of finance to be able to pursue corporate commercial law. This program is therefore highly recommended.

    Akanksha Srivastava

    Joint President (Legal), UltraTech Cement

    I took the AFCL financial training early on in my career and it helped me immensely. As a transactional lawyer, it was very helpful to really understand commercial terms that we come across in all our dealings.

    Akshay Bhargav

    Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

    The course is absolutely illuminating. Even for lawyers who are already aware of concepts, the course helps bring in clarity and nuance that will only aid in understanding and negotiating transactions. Raghu is exceptional with his approach - he keeps the class engaged and breaks down concepts so that they become easy to comprehend. I would definitively recommend this course, especially for transactional lawyers looking to further sharpen their skills.

    Alka Bharucha

    Independent Director - Birlasoft / Founding Partner, Bharucha & Partners

    The AFCL training program is exceptional in that it delivers complex financial concepts in a structured manner tailored for lawyers who have little or no academic experience with finance. The bridge between principally numerical calculations and the more word-oriented thinking of lawyers is what makes AFCL unique. Coupled with this, their real-time demonstrations based on case studies as well as published annual reports ensure that participants not only understand but can implement their learnings going forward. I strongly recommend AFCL as a valued training resource for any law firm.

    Almitra Gupta

    Capital Market Associate, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

    The AFCL Course was remarkable in every sense. It helped me gain a solid understanding of the basics of reading a balance sheet, the income statement, and profit and loss account. More importantly, it really helped me understand how a business runs and the jargon used my business people and investment bankers to communicate. As a lawyer, I never fully understood the concept of EBITDA, cash flow until I did the course. Today, I feel more confident spotting red flags while doing my due diligence on companies. Another huge gain for me is that I have become very financially savvy. This translates into getting better at personal finance and realizing the power of compounding money. All in all, this course and Raghu Sir have helped me get more financially literate, removed my fear and aversion to numbers and helped me understand the subtle nuances of accounting in a practical and fun environment. Raghu Sir used to walk us through the annual reports of actual companies that helped see the practical side and implementation of what was being taught in class. I loved this course and would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who wants to feel more empowered by understanding the world of finance and accounting.

    Ami Parikh

    Director & Senior Counsel, Mondelez International

    I was one of the earliest takers of the AFCL course almost a decades ago and I still talk about the course. It was intensive, engaging and extremely relevant for a corporate lawyer. The course material and delivery are par excellence and the pace just right. This course is a must-do for a corporate lawyer especially if they haven’t done their CS or commerce.

    Anand Lakra

    Partner, J. Sagar Associates

    A must for corporate lawyers.

    Anand Shah

    Senior Partner, AZB & Partners

    An absolutely essential training which should have been imparted in law school itself. AFCL is able to deliver financial training that any corporate commercial lawyer should possess. I had taken the course several years back found the course to be very crisp and clear, adopting a very practical approach that proves useful in day to day lawyering and in providing commercial value add to the client. I look forward to doing a refresher course or even an advanced course in the near future.

    Aninda Pal

    Partner, DSK Legal​

    A fair understanding of accounts and financial statements is imperative for any commercial lawyer. The AFCL tailor-made accounting program for lawyers provides more than a fair understanding of not only accounts and financial statements but also addresses key elements of finance such as valuation, financial adjustments, contingent liabilities, etc. It is intense, well-structured and engaging, and the faculty (Mr. Iyer) is excellent. The faculty teaches complicated financial matters in a simplified manner. I would strongly recommend the course for all commercial lawyers – even the ones with commerce background.

    Ankita Kumar

    Counsel, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas

    This course was most relevant to my professional growth. Very grateful to learn from Mr. Iyer, who focuses on inculcating a deep conceptual understanding of the subject matter and simplifies them to layman terms but also demonstrates concepts with easily understandable numerical examples. Taught with a sense of humor that kept us engaged. Many thanks for designing this customized course for lawyers.

    Arjun Rajgopal

    Partner, Saraf and Partners

    Coming from an educational background with next to no exposure to accounting and the nuances of finance, this course really helped me understand these subjects. It was well structured and presented critical information in a friendly and digestible manner. I would strongly recommend this course to any lawyer who seeks to understand the world of accounting and finance in the course of their own profession. The course was brilliant, both as an introduction to the subject matter and in terms of exploring the details relevant to corporate legal practice.

    Arun Madhu

    GC, Nexus Venture Partners

    I was fortunate enough to be part of the AFCL training program early on in my career and I can confirm that the program has contributed immensely to my growth as a corporate lawyer. The program provides an excellent foundation in matters of corporate finance for any aspiring corporate lawyer. It is well structured, loaded with highly relevant information and most importantly very practical. I would strongly recommend that law firms expose their lawyers to this program as early as possible in their careers.

    Arun Mathew

    Executive Director & Head of Legal and Compliance, Kotak Investment Banking

    I participated in the AFCL training course in 2015 and found it extremely useful to understand the nuances of corporate finance – something which really helped me in my interactions with my banking colleagues, and in gaining a better understanding of the financial aspects of a transaction. The contents of the program were very well-curated, keeping in mind the needs of lawyers who may not have an accounting or finance background. Kudos to team AFCL for conceptualizing such a program. Highly recommended.

    Ashish Ahuja

    Managing Partner, Wadia Ghandy & Co.

    A commercial and corporate lawyer without an essential working knowledge of financials is like a fish in a swimming pool. If you don’t understand financials, forget traversing the depths and the beauty of the ocean and be content with swimming within the limited confines of the swimming pool. While nobody can help you swim the depths of the ocean and you have to do it yourself, finance for lawyers gives you the basic skills which if you absorb, you can try and graduate to the ocean from the swimming pool.

    Bhavi Sanghvi

    GC, KKR India Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

    The course structure, content, and execution were all top-notch. Mr. Raghu Iyer has a deep understanding of the concepts and great commercial acumen. With his own unique style and sense of humor, Mr. Iyer walked us through the basics and followed it with practical examples from real-life situations. Not only did he answer all the queries, he even tailored the content where necessary, to ensure there were no gaps in the overall understanding of the participants.

    Darshan Upadhyay

    Managing Partner, Stratage Law Partners

    The AFCL financial training program for lawyers is a well structured, easy to understand, and practical training module. While finance is an ocean, this program covers important concepts that lawyers regularly encounter on transactions. I congratulate AFCL on identifying this gap and creating a well thought through, international style training module. I recommend this program to each and every lawyer looking to up their financial and commercial acumen.

    Deepti Dasgupta

    AVP Legal, Dream Capital

    The AFCL Program is structured in a way to cater to lawyers specifically and makes the understanding of complex topics simpler. Mr. Iyer is a great faculty and provides practical understanding of financial concepts and keeps the sessions highly interactive. The course material is also extremely useful and contains relevant commercial topics that lawyers may come across in their day to day work. I would highly recommend this program to every lawyer.

    Dhwani Shah

    Associate, Clifford Chance

    I had the chance to attend the 3 day training program conducted by AFCL. As a banking and finance lawyer working at a top tier law firm, the program helped me in understanding different finance concepts, basics of valuation and balance sheets. The program was very well organised and well-worth the time and the cost. A special mention to Mr. Iyer, who conducted the lectures - he was brilliant and very helpful in his explanation of each concept.

    Gautam Ganjawala

    Senior Partner, AZB & Partners

    Raghu was superb and was able to hold our attention despite being challenged with having to do sessions virtually. A very useful and fantastic experience to ask questions issues which I have encountered in our matters and having the same answered so lucidly. Definitely will make attendees better more commercially attuned lawyers.

    Gayatri Roy

    Independent Practitioner

    I would recommend the AFCL training program to legal professionals who are tentative around basic accounting and finance principles and concepts. It is an excellent beginner’s program that is tailored to answer questions that often arise in the practice of commercial law and provides useful reference points for future inquiry. Raghu Iyer’s teaching of the program is highly engaging, focuses on imparting relevant information, and stresses simplifying the complexities of the discipline. Together they make the AFCL program ideal for legal practitioners that wish to gain insight relevant to the drafting of legal documentation and asking the right questions in the context of diligence and disputes/litigation.

    Gopal Gour

    Associate, Quillon Partners

    It is a great course for lawyers who are in commercial practice in order to bridge the gap of understanding between tables representing financial and legal professionals.

    Harsh Maggon

    Partner, Trilegal

    I took the AFCL finance course for lawyers when I was 3 years into practice and found it extremely helpful in traversing the financial aspects of transactions. I especially remember the classes on valuation, which have helped me better understand the focus areas on a transaction and how to protect what the client is really paying for. Would recommend this course to all transaction lawyers.

    John Raghav

    Partner, AZB & Partners

    AFCL is a fantastic course, it's thoughtful and understands the contours in which the course should be structured and content is well-tailored for corporate lawyers, who come from varied backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoyed Prof. Raghu Iyer's training style, practical approach with examples, and patience. Having attended a similar, more extensive online HBS CORE program, I'd recommend the AFCL as a first step quintessential course for all corporate/transactional lawyers.

    Kalindhi Bhatia

    Principal Associate, BTG Legal

    The course is well structured, and goes from learning the basics to more complex concepts. The classes were interactive and the reading material provided is also useful. The course has helped me understand how valuations are determined and what lawyers should look out for in a financial statement. I’ve been able to apply some of the things I learnt to my job. I would recommend the AFCL program to all transactional lawyers!

    Kartik Jain

    Partner, J. Sagar Associates

    Definitely a great course - very well structured, presented and explained. So many practical issues were discussed and clarified. It’s a must for M&A and PE lawyers.

    Kislay Bihari

    Sr. VP & Associate GC, Citi

    An excellent and very engaging training! The AFCL training (including the course material) is truly meant for professionals looking to gain a deeper insight into business and accounting concepts which they can then easily apply to their day-to-day transactional and other work. The content is precise, up-to-date and delivered in an easy-to-digest manner. The trainer, Mr. Iyer, is a leading expert in this field and is very patient and humorous. I would highly recommend this AFCL training to all lawyers who deal with business and finance matters.

    Kunal Chandra

    Partner, Trilegal

    Great course! Definitely a must for those looking to skill-up!

    Kunal Kumbhat

    Partner, AZB & Partners

    This is a superb and essential course for any corporate lawyer with little or no accounting background. Even for those with an accounting background, it is a great refresher. Raghu Sir makes everything very easy to understand and his real-life analogies are a cherry on the cake. Highly recommended for corporate lawyers across all levels.

    Lakshmi Pradeep

    Partner, S&R Associates

    The AFCL training conducted by Mr. Raghu Iyer was very useful. As an M&A lawyer, the training was useful to understand fundamental accounting concepts and also their application in our work.

    Mahika Parikh

    Senior Associate, AZB & Partners

    The AFCL training program is very helpful for lawyers who work in the commercial corporate space. The training course helps break down complex terminologies and concepts in a simple and relatable manner. The course is comprehensive enough to help lawyers analyze and interpret the financial world better. I would recommend this course to all lawyers (from law firms or in house) who deal in the commercial corporate space.

    Mehak Gupta

    Associate Partner, Stratage Law Partners

    For a lawyer who is not from a commerce background, this course is a boon. It will smoothly transition from providing elementary knowledge to hands-on knowledge for your profession in 7 sessions.

    Nikhilesh Panchal

    Partner, Khaitan & Co

    The AFCL training is 'precise and concise'. the training is true to its vision and delivers on it unique features. A must for those professional who deal with law and accounts not only as a skilling up but also as continued professional development in the perpetually evolving paradigm of policy, law and accounts.

    Nikita Naik

    Assistant Manager | Secretarial, Bharat Forge

    I really wish I had someone like Raghu sir as my teacher in my initial college days. I haven't seen a better tutor than him, who not only explains the concept in the simplest manner possible but also helps us co-relate by giving real-life examples. I can attend his lectures every day without getting bored even for a minute. He has really helped me understand the basics of accounting just not theoretically but also logically!

    Nikita Jogani

    General Counsel, SunEdison

    The AFCL program is very practical, relevant, and structured well for M&A and PE lawyers. I have experienced the benefits of the training in my practice and highly recommend the AFCL program for all corporate lawyers with limited or no background in finance.

    Nirav Shah

    Independent Counsel

    The AFCL training program is an extremely well-designed course meant for nonfinance professionals to understand complex financial concepts. Mr. Raghu Iyer is a top-notch professional who explained complex financial concepts with consummate ease. He explained accounting concepts by applying real-world situations, which made it easier to understand. Attending this course adds a tremendous advantage to any lawyer practicing corporate commercial law or for that matter even a litigating lawyer who specializes in commercial disputes or restructuring and insolvency.

    Ongmu Tshering

    Partner, J.Sagar Associates

    A well-designed course, with a simple and lucid manner of teaching with practical examples, makes the AFCL training very interesting and enriching. Highly recommended for all corporate lawyers.

    Pallavi Karkera

    Asst. General Manager, Tata Projects Ltd.

    AFCL's faculty expertise in the subject and the skill of simplifying things make the dry subject interesting and useful.

    Pankhuri Govil

    VP Legal, HDFC Capital Advisors Limited

    I thought the session was very well structured, very interactive, and excellently customized to the virtual classroom by clever use of screen sharing and Excel sheet just like a blackboard. The time taken out by Raghu Sir to patiently answer each and every question (however silly or obvious) was specially appreciated. The fact that a topic such as accounting (commonly considered quite mundane by most) was made so interesting that interaction and engagement levels were maintained till the very last second of the eighth session, is itself a testament to Raghu Sir's ability to hold the classroom's attention.

    Prachi Goel

    Partner, S&R Associates

    The sessions were extremely interesting. The teaching method was simple and Mr. Raghu Iyer is an excellent teacher. I hope to put into practice the concepts learned in these sessions.

    Pradeep Ratnam

    Senior Partner, Kochhar & Co

    I attended this training when I was a legal director in IDFC Project Equity. I can safely endorse this workshop as being at par with the finance training imparted in blue-chip foreign law firms that I’ve been a part of. Lawyers possessing commercial acumen and having the ability to dissect balance sheets, at least the basics, is simply non-negotiable in today’s legal environment. I recall Raghu being excellent in explaining complex financial concepts in very simple terms, and those are learnings I carry with me even today. I would strongly recommend this course for business lawyers across all disciplines and practice areas.

    Prasad Subramanyan

    GC, Matrix Partners India

    The AFCL Open House Program is an incredible opportunity to gain a more holistic and grounded understanding of the financial meaning and implications of transactions we corporate lawyers undertake every day. Getting this knowledge and understanding from someone who has had as much experience and knowledge as Raghu has had was just the icing on the cake.

    The sessions were clear, simple, and very very well planned. I was able to engage clearly and found the knowledge shared of great help - including being able to apply some of this on a transaction that I was closing within a month of finishing the program.

    As a lawyer your learning never truly stops. And being able to learn in such an easy and effective way has been a true pleasure.

    My thanks to Premal, Raghu, and his team for putting this together.

    Praveen Raju

    Partner, Spice Route Legal

    A very well-designed course for corporate lawyers to understand the basics of accounting and financial principles. The modules are well structured to cover aspects most relevant for corporate lawyers and coupled with Raghu’s masterly training skills, I would recommend this course as an absolute must for lawyers to provide wholesome legal advice on transactional work.

    Priti Deshpande

    Senior Legal Professional

    As a lawyer without a commerce background, this course helped me immensely to understand various financial concepts that I always heard in boardrooms but wasn't sure of their exact meaning. Mr. Raghu Iyer's ways of explaining concepts make these complex financial concepts look simple and logical. I am very happy I took this course.

    Priya Makhijani

    Legal Consultant, AngelList India

    Very useful and helpful sessions - key financial concepts are explained in a very easy-to-understand manner. Raghu Iyer very patiently simplifies complex concepts. Highly recommend!

    Rishabh Bharadwaj

    GC, Lifelong Online

    Raghu's ability to articulate and explain the concepts is fantastic; his patience too. The course is extremely relevant for corporate and transactional lawyers.

    Rovena David

    Corporate Attorney, Titan Company Ltd

    Accounting and Corporate Financing was a no-go for me, but with years of experience I knew certain concepts superficially, but the course simplified it all. I will relearn through the material shared. Thank you very much, AFCL for all your effort. So simply you taught the complicated. God Bless You

    Rutunjay Singh

    Senior Associate, Brookfield Asset Management

    A very interactive course with great instruction and an opportunity to pick up on deal fundamentals.

    Shakha Jha

    Senior Associate, Phoneix Legal

    The AFCL course elaborates the concepts using real life examples which makes the understanding fairly easier. As an M&A lawyer, the course seemed quite insightful and helpful in discerning the financial aspects of the transactions.

    Siddhima Kotak

    Independent Legal Counsel

    I work as an investment banking lawyer and multiple concepts like impairment, IFRS, Ind AS, restatement would keep coming up in my work. They seemed like jargon to me until I did this course which allowed to me to fully grasp it’s technicality from an accounting perspective and made it very easy for me to read comfort letters on my transactions going forward at work. I found the course extremely practical, aimed at giving you a fantastic understanding of accounting, valuation and finance. I understood a lot of nuances of how to read a balance sheet if I was doing a diligence, how to understand valuation adjustments, how to draft different clauses keeping in mind the interplay of accountancy, finance and law. Raghu Iyer is fantastic and truly hands on. His domain knowledge is outstanding, his simplistic way of explaining even a complex concept ensures that the concept will stick in your mind for life. I highly recommend this specific course to corporate lawyers because Raghu Iyer is genuinely an outstanding faculty.

    Siddharth Rao

    Operations Transformation, Peak XV Partners

    Mr. Iyer breaks down technical financial concepts into principles and logic that can be understood almost intuitively. The team found the sessions both extremely engaging, and very useful. The AFCL team was extremely proactive in tailoring the course to focus on topics that are most useful for our team.

    Soham Mookherjee

    Principal Associate, DSK Legal

    I found the sessions by Mr. Raghu Iyer to be highly informative and insightful. Mr. Raghu Iyer managed to explain complex topics in a very easy-to-understand manner to people with no academic background whatsoever in finance/accounting. These sessions will really help me in understanding financial/commercial aspects of deals going forward and in turn, would help me in being a better transaction advisor. I have really enjoyed each of the sessions and I am even more interested in learning more about accounting and valuation in the future than as I was before.

    Somrita Chatterji

    Partner, Veritas Legal

    The AFCL training program aims to equip lawyers with a granular understanding of various commercial and financial transaction concepts. The program achieves this goal through interactive sessions filled with examples of real-world situations faced by commercial lawyers. Over the course of the program, one graduate's from learning basic accounting principles to complex financial concepts. The structure and content of the course were engaging. The instructor broke-down the principles in a manner that was very helpful for people without an accounting background. This program provides a great foundation for understanding financial principles which may be incorporated in the practice of law.

    Sudarshana Ghosh

    Vice President, Deutsche Bank

    I would like to thank AFCL for organising this training program. It had well-thought-out and planned sessions and helped me in understanding the basic concepts. I am confident that this will help me in my work and in grasping commercial aspects better.


    Sumithra Suresh

    Head Legal - Global M&A, CIPLA

    The AFCL training sessions have been extremely rewarding and interesting. Definitely interested in another session. Thanks a lot to you and Premal and team for making this available to us!

    Sunandan Majumdar

    Partner, Quillon Partners

    I attended the Accounting for Lawyers course in 2014 and found it very useful to get a practical understanding of a number of accounting and financial matters and concepts such as financial statements and ratios, valuation, and related party transactions. The course was tailored well for transactional lawyers, and the course instructor provided a clear explanation and practical examples, which I found very helpful. I wish Premal and his team all the best in continuing with this course.

    Suprio Bose

    Vice President, Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Limited

    I attended the AFCL financial training program in the initial stages of my career. The program was well structured and covered key concepts in accounting & finance relevant for transaction lawyers to know. Very helpful and relevant for legal professionals with a non-finance background.

    Swarna Jain

    Associate, Spice Route Legal

    On the first day, you are generally asked what is your expectations of the course and what are your goals that you want to achieve from this course. I think through the span of the course i have managed to achieve it. This has been a really good experience and learning as a lawyer. This is a must for a lawyer.

    Vijay Sambamurthi

    Founder & Managing Partner, Lexygen

    We were one of the earliest believers in AFCL’s financial training program for lawyers. They conducted a very intensive, yet highly engaging two-day training program for all Lexygen lawyers at our offices. The content was very well thought through to make it very relevant for M& A and Private Equity lawyers like us, and delivered in a very thorough and patient manner by AFCL. It was worth every Rupee we spent on it, and certainly helped all our lawyers gain a deep understanding of critical deal-related financial concepts. I wish them all the best with Version 2.0!

    Vikram Raghani

    Partner, J. Sagar Associates

    The AFCL training program is highly recommended for any law firm as it promises a strong foundation in concepts of finance which are essential for any transactional lawyer. The program is very practical in its approach and its case studies and other features go a long way in ensuring that the learning is implementable in the actual practice of transactional law. Would recommend this course to all transaction lawyers. Good luck to AFCL for its next series.

    Vikrant Singh Negi

    Partner, DSK Legal

    The AFCL training program is tailor made for lawyers as it enables them to get a sound understanding of accounting terms and concepts. The material provided is simple, lucid with clarity and covers all the related links and concepts. The faculty, Mr. Raghu Iyer, is knowledgeable and with ease articulates the concepts and seamlessly integrates financial theory with real world application. The classes are highly interactive and oriented towards hands-on accounting and business proficiency. Overall this program has considerably enhanced my knowledge of accounting and has given me an edge in my work.

    William Vivian John

    Partner, S&R Associates

    The AFCL training program course has been invaluable in my career as a lawyer, and essential learning for every M& A and corporate commercial lawyer in today’s day.